6500 Printer Options

Interface Options for IBM 6500 Printers

  • Integrated Ethernet 10/100BaseT Adapter
  • IBM coax and twinax attachment
  • IBM Intelligent Printer Data Streamä (IPDSä) support for coax, twinax, wireless Ethernet, or LAN Ethernet attachments
  • Intelligent Graphics Processor (IGP) or Code V for graphics and bar code applications
Product ID : 6500-4177
Manufacturer : IBM
10/100 Ethernet for IBM 6500 Printers The Ethernet 10/100BaseT NIC Adapter is an internal adapter to connect... (more info)
Product ID : 6500-4830
Manufacturer : IBM
Coax/Twinax Interface for IBM 6500 Printers The Coax/Twinax Attachment provides the addition of both a coax ... (more info)
Product ID : 6500-4841
Manufacturer : IBM
Code V/IGP for IBM 6500 Printers IGP The Intelligent Graphics Processor (IGP) feature is a simple... (more info)
Product ID : 6500-4861
Manufacturer : IBM
IPDS for IBM 6500 Printers This feature provides IPDS for the Models v5P, v05, v1P, v10, v15, and v20. ... (more info)