CN70 & CN75 Accessories

Honeywell CN70, and CN75 Series Mobile Computer Accessories
Boost The Durability and Functionality of Your Intermec Mobile Computers With Versatile Accessories

From convenient belt holsters and protective covers to reliable power supplies, durable USB cords and extended batteries, to specialized snap-ons, the Intermec portfolio of accessories extends your capabilities, and enables you to lower the total cost of ownership of your Intermec Mobile computer.
Product ID : 852-057-005
Manufacturer : Honeywell
Auto Adapter Vehicle Dock for Intermec CN70/CN70e Mobile Computers Power Option: For connection of Vehicle Doc... (more info)
Product ID : DX2A2AA10
Manufacturer : Honeywell
4 Position Battery Charger for Intermec CN70 & CN70e Battery Charger, 4 Position, CN70,CN70e. Includes pow... (more info)
Product ID : DX4A2AAAA10
Manufacturer : Honeywell
Battery Charger 8 Position Battery Charger for CN70 and CN70e mobile computers. Includes power supply. (more info)
Product ID : 318-043-033
Manufacturer : Honeywell
Battery for Intermec CN70/CN70e Spare or replacement battery pack for CN70/CN70e (one pack included with each mob... (more info)
Product ID : VE011-2018
Manufacturer : Honeywell
Cable, Single USB Client For use with USB Snap-On Adapter to provide USB Client (ActiveSync) connection to hos... (more info)
Product ID : VE011-2016
Manufacturer : Honeywell
Cable, Single USB Host Adapts Vehicle Dock USB Connector or USB Snap-On Adapter to USB-A Female receptacle for... (more info)
Product ID : DX4A2111110
Manufacturer : Honeywell
Charging Dock for Intermec CN70 & CN70e Mobile Computers Four slot charging dock for CN70 and CN70e. Inclu... (more info)
Product ID : DX2A21110
Manufacturer : Honeywell
Dual Dock, Charge Only Dual Dock. Charging only. For Intermec CN70 and CN70e mobile computers. (more info)
Product ID : 203-931-001
Manufacturer : Honeywell
Intermec 70 Series Accessories Hand Strap, 5 Pack, Compatible with CN70e. (more info)
Product ID : 203-933-001
Manufacturer : Honeywell
Desktop Stand, CN70/70e/75/75e Positions mobile computer upright on flat surface, allows connection of adapter... (more info)
Product ID : DX1A01A10
Manufacturer : Honeywell
Desktop Dock for Intermec Mobile Computers Desktop Dock for Intermec CN70 and CN70e Mobile Computers. Includes... (more info)
Product ID : DX2A11110
Manufacturer : Honeywell
Dual Dock, Ethernet for Intermec CN70 & CN70e Mobile computers. Includes power cord. (more info)
Product ID : 850-565-001
Manufacturer : Honeywell
Snap-On Adapter, Ethernet, Intermec CK70, CK75, & CN70 Series Mobile Computers Provides RJ45 receptacle fo... (more info)
Product ID : 203-930-001
Manufacturer : Honeywell
Handstrap for Intermec CN70 Mobile Computer KIT, handstrap replacement, CN70 (5PK) (Contains five (5) replacement ... (more info)
Product ID : 815-067-001
Manufacturer : Honeywell
Holster for Intermec CN70 Mobile Computers For CN70 without ScanHandle. (more info)
Product ID : 815-080-001
Manufacturer :
Holster for Intermec CN70e Mobile Computer Compatible with CN70e with without Scan Handle (more info)
Product ID : 815-074-001
Manufacturer : Honeywell
Holster for Intermec CN70 & CN70e Compatible with CN70/CN70e with Scan Handle. (more info)
Product ID : 1-974028-025
Manufacturer : Honeywell
Power Cord for Honeywell Scanner US AC power cord (more info)
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