Fixed Mount

Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners

Fixed mount barcode scanners are widely used in work-in-progress applications and for high-speed sorting along conveyor systems. Most fixed mount barcode scanners have a laser scan engine, so they must be mounted at a specific angle and distance from the barcodes that will pass in front of them. The smaller fixed mount barcode scanners are commonly used in laboratory, security identification, and kiosk applications.
Product ID : DS457-SR20009
Manufacturer :
Motorola DS457-SR - SCANNER ONLY Fixed Mount 2D Imager, Standard. Cables and Accessories sold separately. These In... (more info)
Product ID : DS457-HD20009
Manufacturer :
Motorola DS457-HD - SCANNER ONLY Fixed Mount 2D Imager, High Density. Cables and Accessories Must Be Purchased Sep... (more info)
Product ID : MS-1204FZY-I000R
Manufacturer :
Motorola MS1204 Fixed Mount Scanner MiniScan MS1204, Housed Scan Engine: Class 2, Serial, Fuzzy RS-232. Requir... (more info)
Product ID : MS-1207WA-I000R
Manufacturer :
Motorola MS-1207 -Fixed Mount Scanner CL 2, SL-WA, 60D and USB/Synapse. Requires cable, not included Produc... (more info)
Product ID : MS-954-I000R
Manufacturer :
Motorola MS-954 Fixed Mount Scanner Scan Engine with CL 2, SL, fuzzy-logic decoding and RS-232 serial interfac... (more info)