SF61B - Mobile Scanner

Honeywell SF61B

Honeywell SF61B Mobile Pocket Scanner

Highly mobile workers need a high performance scanner that’s both compact and tough. That’s why we designed the SF61B series. These rugged 1D and 2D pocket scanners offer performance characteristics commonly found in full-size scanners, but at a fraction of the size and weight.

And despite its compact size, the SF61B scanner boasts the same high performance 2D imagers as our full-size handheld scanners. With outstanding motion tolerance and omnidirectional reading capability, the SF61B scanner keeps up with your workers by delivering incredible scan speed at any angle.

  • Easily integrates with existing data capture workflows and – with integrated Bluetooth wireless – easily pairs with iOS, Android and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets.
  • Magnetic quick-disconnect system and variety of smart accessories, like wrist straps and belt loops, make it easy to access the device when needed or securely stow it away when unencumbered use of both hands is needed.
  • Advanced imaging capabilities are built in, including data parsing, multi-code reading, and image/video capture.
  • Integrated Bluetooth Class 1 radio enables wireless communication at ranges up to 100 m (325 ft).
  • Field-replaceable battery endures over 20,000 scans on a single charge.

The SF61 series enables your workers to accomplish their data collection tasks with more efficiency, safety and agility than ever before.

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Product ID : SF61-BAT-S001
Manufacturer : Honeywell
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