4247 Dot Matrix

IBM 4247-AOO

IBM 4247 Dot Matrix Printer

The IBM 4247 Multi-Form Printer combines high-speed, reliable impact printing with the ability to load up to six different types of forms in the printer at once. It also allows you to consolidate multiple printer applications on a single printer--the IBM 4247.

With print speeds of up to 700 characters per second (cps), depending on the model, and support for continuous form and cut-sheet paper, the IBM 4247 can handle a wide variety of applications. Backed by IBM quality, reliability and service, this printer is an excellent choice for demanding print environments.

The IBM 4247 is well suited to serve in a wide range of environments -- from small offices to distribution centers; from direct workstation attachments. or small systems to LANs or larger system networks

Multiple Attachments

The IBM 4247 will attach to nearly all systems. The A00 model has both a serial and a parallel port. The 001 and 002 models have a parallel port and, additionally, either a coaxial or twinaxial attachment. The 001 and 002 models will support IBM's SCS and DSC/DSE data streams, and optionally the IPDS* data stream.

Versatile Forms Handling

The IBM 4247 supports up to six paper input sources. This ability, combined with paper parking, switching and linking, maximizes your output options and productivity.
Powerful dot matrix printing design enables the IBM 4247 to print on up to eight-part forms.
Best of all, operation is simple with auto-forms loading, auto-forms thickness adjustment and automatic paper input selection.

Application Flexibility

The IBM 4247 prints a wide range of applications by offering fast print speeds at three quality modes. Data Processing quality provides high speed for large print jobs. Data Processing Text mode provides mid-speed, higher-quality printing. Near Letter Quality (NLQ) produces sharp, crisp documents for word processing, business graphics or other quality-critical applications.

All-points-addressable graphics capability enables applications to print bar codes, bar charts, pie charts, scanned logos, forms and CAD/CAM drawings. Your investment in applications software and forms inventory is protected because the IBM 4247 offers a wide variety of emulations, including the popular IBM Proprinter* and Epson printers.

User Benefits

The ease-of-use and reliability of the IBM 4247 improve productivity.

The straightforward design of the IBM 4247 operator panel makes it simple to manage forms loading, alignment, selection and other printer settings.

The operator panel on the 001 and 002 features a 2x40 LCD display for easy-to-read menus and messages, while the panel on the A00 has a 1x16display.

In additon, the document-on-demand feature allows you to print on the very next form, thus minimizing paper

Printing Where You Need It

At only 55 dBA, the IBM 4247 is very quiet---making it suitable for virtually any business environment. And with its small footprint, the IBM 4247 can be placed wherever a need for printing exists.

Replaced by INFOPRINT 4247-X AND Z , Dascom 4347

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