Repair Terms & Conditions

Flat Rate or Per-Incident Repair

Flat rate repairs include:

  • Complete diagnostics

  • Repair, remediation or replacement of modules and subsystems etc., necessary to correct all diagnosed problems with or damage to the technology device

  • Includes main logic board repair

  • Clean and fully test prior to return

  • 60 day repair warranty

As a complimentary flat rate repair service, we will provision and configure devices (if applicable) after completing the repair, at the customer's request. In this case, the customer must provide the necessary files for loading and any special "device setup parameters" that may be required. Other complimentary services that are included in flat rate/per-incident repair: telephone support, online repair management, reporting and tracking.

What if the device can't be repaired for the Flat Rate price?

The vast majority of failed devices can be repaired for our published flat rate amounts, however: 1) not every device is repairable and 2) sometimes a device can be repaired but the repair can't be accomplished for the flat rate.

In those instances, we will immediately contact our customer to say:

  • Your device can be repaired, but it will cost more than our published flat rate price. In that case, we'll provide you with a written quote via email and you can authorize us to proceed or say "no thanks". If you decline to have the device repaired and you've prepaid, we'll issue a full refund.

  • Your device is beyond repair - if you've prepaid for a repair, we'll fully refund your payment.

Exceptions and Exclusions:

  • Failures that require the replacement (not repair) of a main logic board may not be covered in a flat rate repair, depending on the cost of the board. In this case, we will provide a cost estimate to include a replacement main logic board.

  • Performing a flat rate repair does not mean that a broken device will be refurbished; refurbishment services include substantially more "inputs" of parts and labor than a typical flat rate repair. Data Access provides equipment refurbishment and Certified Refurbished equipment for most popular models of mobile and printer technology.